About Us

This site is dedicated to all musicians and those who feel that way. In other words, if you are in need of a musical instrument or virtually any type of musical accessory, we got you covered. Even if we don’t have what you are looking for directly on our stock at that given time, we work in coordination with a lot of suppliers worldwide, meaning you will get your item as quickly as possible. It’s been 2 years since the business was founded, and so far, it has been nothing but a huge success. People are always looking for top quality musical equipment, and most of them prefer retail stores instead of buying their stuff online. Even though it is 2016 and online shops have gained a huge increase in quality and popularity, retail stores are still a huge factor. This is especially true in the musical industry as people love to see their desired items with their own two eyes before purchasing them. That’s the beauty of it. For sure!

With this being said, you won’t find any “BUY NOW” links on this website. It only serves as an online advertisement of our awesome retail shop. In other words, you won’t find sellable articles in our catalogue that you can buy with just a couple of clicks. No. In our catalogue, you can find detailed information about musical equipment and the following accessories formatted into reviews. Truth be told, the website is nowhere near finished and we only feature 2 articles at the time of writing this article. Stick with us, the website update is coming soon!