Segway miniPRO

You are having a huge concert in the next couple of weeks, and you are looking to make an amazing entrance? You are doing your best but simply cannot find the perfect idea? Well, I believe we got one for you! How about you ride straight through to the stage on your very own hoverboard? Yup, that’s true! Many people still don’t know that hoverboards are a real thing nowadays. Even if they do know that, they still believe they are too expensive… But that’s not true. You can get a beginner’s hoverboard for as little as $200, which is less than a medium range smartphone. But today, we said NO to compromise and picked out a proper best for you… Just imagine yourself swagging on the stage, riding your brand new Segway miniPRO? How awesome would that be? Imagine a proper light show, picture those confetti flying everywhere as you stroll through to your microphone and salute your audience. You can’t describe such a scene… You have to live it!!!